Retirement Plan Support

Working to help establish an effective and efficient retirement plan

Audit Review

With a backdrop of complex financial product and fiduciary laws, organizations need a partner they can trust that does not sell products, collect hidden fees or provide conflicted advice.

Through our uncompromised advocacy, independence, and unique expertise, we are skilled at supporting organizations and providing workplace savings plans just like yours.

Unlike most, we believe our people, breadth of expertise and processes are unique. However, because many express these same sentiments, we are highlighting a few areas of distinction that other firms may find it difficult to claim.

Our Key Competitive Distinctions

  1. Commitment to Institutional Investors
  2. Alignment of Interests
  3. Access and Expertise
  4. Value and Integrity
  5. Adaptability and Fit

Proposed Comprehensive Plan Review Project

Unless otherwise noted, the following services are included in our proposed complimentary review:

Fee Review

  • Forensic Analysis of service provider fees (reasonableness, fee policy practices, protocols, etc.)
  • Investment options fee level review against broad benchmarking indicators
  • “Red Flag” findings report & Committee educational material

Governance & Procedural Review

  • Review of existing Policies and Procedures (Charter, Investment Policy Statement, etc.)
  • Review of Fiduciary documentation (committee roles & responsibilities, committee meeting minutes, investment option monitoring, board resolutions, etc.)
  • Services providers conflict of interest analysis
  • “Red Flag” findings report & Committee education material

Menu Design

  • Current menu design review including: menu symmetry, appropriateness of options for retirement plans and easy of use for participants
  • “Red Flag” findings report & Committee education material

Let us help you identify how to make your retirement plan one of your best employee benefits.

To learn more about a complimentary, independent, comprehensive review of your company book at appointment with PATHWISE GROUP.