Worksite Approach

We are proud of our unique approach that enables us to customize a solution to fit your worksite needs.

Our Worksite Approach

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Eighty percent of employers report that financial stress is lowering their employees’ performance level, and it’s costing them nearly half a trillion dollars annually.

Sage brings financial wellness to employees through an individualized approach, averaging an engagement rate 5X traditional financial wellness training programs.

Year-round Tailored Education

After completing Sage, users have the opportunity to book a meeting directly with an advisor to review their results.

Employees can opt out at anytime.

If they’re not ready for a meeting, employees are entered into an engagement and education program and are delivered a series of timely, relevant content via email.

Actionable Data

Our financial wellness tool and services are developed to provide you action based data specific to your worksite. This in turn helps you make decisions that work for your company and your employees. Our worksites have used our data to create education plans, trend improvements, identify new opportunities and create projections.

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Workforce Segmentation

Pathwise Group strives to meet the unique needs of each organization and the individuals within it. We know that a vast majority of employees need individual support. From executive benefit resources, benefit and retirement consultation, to individual assessment with a variety of education delivery, we have built solutions that are customized to fit the needs of the various employees in your worksite.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

We value research findings and utilize them to make up to date evidence- based decisions for future financial impacts as well as generational workforce segmentation. 

Results Before Commitment

We audit your current system(s) and come with the best recommendations for you, prior to any agreements. We provide full transparency when working with you.

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Financial wellness technology with a human approach.