Executive Level Offerings

Building and supporting benefit options that recruit, retain and reward highly compensated employees

With over 20 years of experience and extensive institutional experience in mid to jumbo sized markets, we focus on analyzing client needs, simplifying complex solutions, and seeking to solve a client’s human capital challenges.

Service Overview

  • Internal Consultation and Education
  • Client facing consultation
  • Analysis design & review
  • Brokerage/RFP preparation & presentation
  • Placement
  • Ongoing Administration

Results Before Commitment Process

  1. Client facing Consultation
  2. Analysis design and review
  3. Brokerage /RFP presentation
  4. Option to move forward

Our financial wellness platform is fully supported by our individual advisory services and data and analytics. To learn more about these services click on the corresponding area below.

Want to take a deeper dive into your
current executive level offerings?

Financial Professional Support

  1. Executive Individual Planning Support on Demand
  2. Benefits Review and Education on Benefit Programs Available
  3. Full Financial Planning by a Vetted Advisory Team
    – Develop a Comprehensive Strategy for the Individual Employee
    – Incorporating and Maximizing Current Benefit Offerings
  4. Qualifying Event Support
    – New Hire Onboarding Support
    – Retirement/ Separation Exit Support

“The planning process with our advisor gave us a strategy and peace of mind. They were professional and really listened to our needs. Thank you!”

~ Kathleen, Employee

Technology and Systems

  1. Personal Financial Dashboard for every Executive Level Employee
  2. Set up and reviewed by advisor
  3. Personal Investment Risk Assessment
  4. Ability to Link multiple accounts together

Executive Benefit Solutions

A Well-designed and Implemented Executive Benefits Program Provides Incentives That Help Attract New Executives and Retain Talent Over Time.

We have the knowledge to help you make executive benefits a top recruitment and retainment tool for your highest earning employees.

To learn more about corporate executive benefits & human capital risk management for your worksite book at appointment with PATHWISE GROUP.

Investment advisory services offered through Clarity Capital Partners LLC, a registered investment advisor.