Financial Wellness Platform

Leveraging technology with a human approach to improve financial wellness

Individualized Employee Assessment

  • Our software brings financial wellness through a simple 3-5 minute assessment.
  • The individual will then be given a snapshot of their current financial wellness.
  • You then have the opportunity to book a meeting with a financial professional to review your results, or to help you with any other questions you may have about your financial wellness.

Tailored Education

We ensure a variety of educational delivery to match learning styles of different generations. A mixture of live and on-demand is included. Everything is tailored to the group and individual needs identified.

For the Individual

Based on the answers to their assessment, the individual will receive a series of customized email campaigns designed by financial advisors.

For the Group

Based on the aggregate data of the group, live webinars will be delivered over the top group concerns.

Our financial wellness platform is fully supported by our individual advisory services and data and analytics. To learn more about these services click on the corresponding area below.

Knowledge is power. We can provide you with the data needed to ensure your employees are getting relevant, tailored education and the support they need.

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