Individual Advisory Services

Creating tailored solutions for individuals in any life stage

Our Advisory Services support every service offering of Pathwise Group. From financial wellness to executive benefits we believe a human approach is necessary for high quality.

Fiduciary vs Suitability

There is an important distinction between these two approaches. We are proud to follow a level of duty of full disclosure and hold ourselves to the highest standard. Unfortunately, only a minority of advisors are held to the fiduciary standard of care.

What will a complimentary meeting with one of our professionals look like?

First Meeting

  • Review client’s main questions or concerns about their personal finances
  • Discuss client’s future goals and current financial landscape
  • Share recommendations on efficiency, if any
  • Analyze client’s financial dashboard (client is given access to their own personal financial dashboard free of charge)
  • Examine Financial Wellness Report from Sage
  • Estimated time 30-45min

Second Meeting

  • Completed base financial plan will be discussed
  • Review current financial outlook (with and without changes)
  • Recommendations and strategies to enhance financial wellness presented

Personal Financial Dashboard

Our services come with a complimentary online dashboard that each employee can individually access. This enables them to have a view of where they stand financially, in real time. It is user friendly and highly valued by employees.

Year-Round Support

Our financial advisor team is available year-round to support the employees during open enrollment, qualifying events, onboarding new employees, new product launches, and more.

You already have a great deal of work. Let us help with supporting your employees financial and benefit questions and concerns.

To learn more about how, book an appointment with PATHWISE GROUP