Data & Analytics

Using worksite specific data to make informed decisions

Transformational Analytics

Our data of your worksite enables you to make strategic, meaningful, customized decisions for your employees that will create positive change

Group Level Data

Allows for Overall Group Assessment

Our data team confidentially compiles group level data to review with lead consultants and HR. Data can be broken down by site, industry and more.

Tracking Engagement & Trends

We will review over time how well your group is improving, what education platforms are the most engaging, and how can we improve together.

Discovery of New Opportunities

Data can help uncover gaps in current benefit offerings. Together we can create a solution that works for all parties involved.

Invest wisely to prepare for our later years and provide a nest egg for my family. I have nine years to rock and roll and I don’t want to waste any more time.

– Employee

We know that 2/3 of employees are at high to medium risk (up to 50% chance) of struggling financially and of experiencing hardship in their lifetime (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2017).

We can help make sure that is not the statistic at your worksite. Book now with PATHWISE GROUP.