Finding Hope Beyond Supreme Court’s Ruling: How Pathwise Can Help You Achieve Student Loan Forgiveness and Lower Monthly Payments

The Supreme Court recently made a ruling against wholesale forgiveness of student loans. While this news is disappointing to many, there is still hope. The Pathwise and Gotzoom program is available to help those with student loans lower their monthly payments and potentially receive loan forgiveness without refinancing. Keep reading to learn more about how Gotzoom can help you take control of your finances and start living your best life.

The Supreme Court has made its decision: there will be no wholesale forgiveness of student loans. While this news may be disappointing for some, it’s important to understand what this means for borrowers. Starting in September 2023, all Federal Student Loan and ParentPlus Loan payments will resume. This gives borrowers a short window to prepare and adjust their budgets accordingly. However, there are still options available to achieve loan forgiveness and reduce monthly payments all without refinancing.  It’s important to stay informed and take advantage of resources to manage your student loans effectively.

Gotzoom is a program that has saved millions of dollars for plan participants on their Federal Student Loans. On average, it has reduced their monthly payments by over 60%. Through this no-cost program, you can get a detailed assessment of your student loans and identify eligible plans and programs through the Department of Education. 

The savings associated with the program are substantial, with participants potentially saving thousands of dollars annually. The average monthly and annual savings for participants are $400 and $4,800, respectively. These savings can go a long way towards creating a better financial future for you and your family.

One of the most significant advantages of the program is the fact that it does not require a credit check or new loans. Refinancing can be a complicated process, and finding the best rate can be challenging. The Gotzoom program, however, does not involve refinancing, making it accessible to everyone with a Federal Student loan.

Starting the analysis process is as easy as clicking on the provided link. The process is straightforward and user-friendly. By entering your loan information, you can get a detailed assessment of your options and identify any eligible plans and programs that could benefit you. Additionally, Gotzoom’s team of experts is available to help answer any questions that may arise throughout the application process.


It’s not easy to manage student loan payments while trying to build a life. Gotzoom can help lighten the burden and provide you with financial freedom. Its program features and benefits provide individuals with a viable solution for reducing monthly payments without refinancing. Take advantage of their no-cost assessment and see if you are eligible for their program. Don’t let student loans take over your life – reach out to Gotzoom and start the journey to financial security.

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