Social Security Highlights & Strategies

What do most clients love about Social Security? A few popular answers include “Reliable income that pays until I die.” “It might go up, but it won’t go down.” and “The federal government backs it.” And while Social Security continues to be one of the most popular government programs, it is not without its limitations. The lack of a death benefit, a complicated set of filing options, and, in some cases, an irrevocable decision process means that clients need to take extra care electing when and how to take Social Security benefits.

What‘s my Full Retirement Age (FRAN)?

Often, people start their benefits before reaching full retirement age, which may not be the best option. FRA is the age at which a retiree is entitled to their full monthly benefit. The FRA benefit amount is based on the retiree’s year of birth. The decision to begin benefits prior to or after FRA can decrease or increase benefits dramatically.

Social Security Risk

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