Welcome San Diego School District Employees!

Our team of trusted financial experts are here to help you with both benefit decision making and holistic financial planning.

You are eligible to meet virtually or via phone call with our financial team to assist in putting together the comprehensive benefit and financial plan that best fits your individual needs. This analysis examines whether or not an individual is adequately preparing for future financial success. The platform will then deliver tailored education specific to your needs.

At Pathwise, we believe no two clients are alike. Whether your needs are big or small, simple or complex, you can count on us to cater our approach to your objectives and serve you in the way that suits you best.

Often times, we find employees benefit from decision-making support. As an employee, you are also eligible to utilize our proprietary financial wellness platform, which can give you initial insight into your current financial situation.

Book a meeting with our team directly and we can support you through this process.

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Financial Wellness Assessment Tool

The Sage Financial Wellness platform is a financial engagement software system used by individual advisors and organizations across the country. The Sage platform analyzes an individual’s unique financial situation associated with retirement, life insurance, disability, long-term care, and student financial debt.

This analysis examines whether or not an individual is adequately preparing for future financial success.

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Meeting with our Financial Experts

Your employer has sponsored financial wellness sessions with the Pathwise Group Advisors. Pathwise Group is fiduciary driven, un-biased and trained to take a full and holistic review of your financial situation. We are here year round to help with any questions or concerns you may have. We work with clients to address all small and big situations. 

Investment advisory services offered through Clarity Capital Partners LLC, a registered investment advisor.

We are here for you year-round, whenever you need us!