From tax filing to incorporating strategic tax planning into your wealth management plan, Pathwise is here to help.

At Pathwise, we believe no two clients are alike. Whether your needs are big or small, simple or complex, you can count on us to cater our approach to your objectives and serve you in the way that suits you best. Our financial and tax experts collaborate closely to provide a comprehensive planning experience to our clients.


Pathwise Group is here to answer your questions and ensure you feel confident about how your taxes are filed. Our services include tax support and fiduciary driven financial professional services including tax and estate planning. We offer personal tax planning, no matter how simple or complex. This can include one-on-one meetings with you to review your past, current and future tax planning, handle more complex tax returns with rental properties, small business, K-1s from Partnerships and S Corps, offer proactive tax planning and modeling, and more.


We believe any comprehensive financial plan will include a strategy for addressing taxes. This includes:

• Assessing the taxable nature of your current holdings

• Strategizing ways to include tax deferred or tax free money in your plan

• Strategize which tax category to draw from first to reduce tax burden

• Leverage your qualified money to potentially leave tax free dollars to your beneficiaries

Book a meeting with our team directly. Our tax professionals can assist you in both tax filing and strategic tax planning.

Are you ready to maximize your tax planning?

Consultations with a Pathwise professional are always complimentary. Book an appointment over Zoom for a convenient virtual meeting!

The Pathwise step-by-step process:

Engage: Book your meeting 

Assess: Audit past tax filings

Connect: Resources and support to review an analysis and come up with the next best step to improve your overall tax efficiency!

Start planning now to ensure that you are maximizing your deductions and minimizing your stress. Let’s work together to make this tax season your most successful yet!

We are here for you year-round, whenever you need us!