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Caretaker’s Guide to Wellness

We understand that as a parent, ensuring the financial wellness of your family stands at the forefront of your priorities. Guardian Plus, powered by Pathwise Financial Wellness, is designed to guide you through the intricacies of planning for your child’s future, offering a suite of services tailored to meet the unique financial needs of families.


In today’s economic landscape, saving for college expenses requires a strategic approach. Our college savings plans are not just about setting aside money; they’re about investing in your child’s future prospects. With Guardian Plus, you gain access to expertly managed funds and student loan relief programs are specifically designed to grow alongside your child, ensuring that when the time comes, their educational aspirations are well within reach.

Safety Net

Life insurance serves as a crucial safety net for your family, ensuring that in the unfortunate event of your passing, your children are financially secure and can maintain their standard of living. Disability Insurance offered through Guardian Plus protects your child’s future education and opportunities.  It’s about offering them protection and stability during life’s most challenging times.


As your family grows, you will need to make changes to your budget. Many living expenses are increasing, and you will have new expenses. Guardian Plus provides the tools necessary to prioritize your family’s financial wellness.

Estate and Will Planning

When it comes to estate and will planning, parents have a crucial role in safeguarding their family’s future. It’s essential to consider how assets will be distributed, who will take care of your children in the event of your absence, and how to minimize potential taxes and legal complications that could impact your estate’s value. Guardian Plus can provide invaluable assistance in navigating these complex considerations.

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Pathwise Guardian+ is proud to offer ScholarGuard™ : the only disability coverage designed to protect their education and opportunities, which can be purchased as early as 6 years old and renewed through the age of 26.

At Guardian Plus, our mission is to provide financial solutions that cater precisely to the needs of parents and caretakers.

We understand that parents are under an enormous amount of stress. Our expertise and comprehensive range of services reflect our commitment to your family’s financial security. Whether it’s planning for college expenses or securing insurance for you or your child, we are here to support every step of your family’s financial wellness journey.

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